Bank sign on marble background. 3d illustration

Value Of ADBanking

In today’s computing world, Information Systems are a basis for running many businesses and organizations at all levels. Their importance and contribution to the success has become very fundamental...

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Conceptual Image Of Battery Charge Level Pictogram And Mobile Devices

Power Of Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking refers to the use of mobile devices by customers to remotely interact with the banking systems. Adding Mobile Banking to the list of services offered by Microfinance Institutions puts a...

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Unrecognizable Black Lady Browsding Mobile Banking App And Holding Credit Card

Towards A Cashless World

Money has always been in humans lives since the earliest days but under different forms of course. Long ago, farmers exchanges were made in terms of animals’ number against...

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Banking and savings

Microfinance in Development

In many developing countries, Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) make up the greater percentage of the businesses, and employ most of the people in the economy; this results...

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Electronic circuit blur computer board. Blur electronic circuit close up computer

Application Programming Interface

While technology continues to transform businesses around the world, the number of systems performing different functions is quite overwhelming, sometimes making the choice very difficult about which systems to...

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Business finance background

Need For Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) has picked up a lot of attention in the corporate world as a result of its ability to turn raw data into meaningful information. The term...

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Cloud security icon technology symbol

Leveraging Cloud Computing

The term “Cloud Computing” refers to Internet based computing that provides on demand shared computer processing resources and data to other computers and devices. It enables institutions to focus...

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